As we all know that VoLTE relies on the mobile network which we usually called voice over LTE. Similarly VoWiFi relies on wifi hotspot and a compatible device to make calls over wifi. VoWiFi is a complimentary service provided by the Mobile Operators supporting the 4G LTE network. WiFi calling allows users seamlessly to transfer calls between the LTE network and any of the Wifi network that they already use in their Home Or Office.

Benefits of VoWiFi

VoWiFi allows you to do HD voice calls or send text messages with no additional cost. Connect your device to your nearest WiFi / Hotspot and you can use it as a normal network from your native dialler and text app. The biggest advantage of WiFi Calling is improved connectivity in indoor spaces like in your home or the office where network connectivity is poor or weak.

Requirements to Use VoWifi

First, you need a hi-speed WiFi router with a broadband connection from any ISP and a smartphone that supports WiFi-calling.

Recently Airtel and Jio started testing this technology in few regions of India, Delhi NCR and Maharashtra. Though limited smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus supports this feature. The devices like iPhoneX, iPhone11, OnePlus 7, Redmi K20, and Poco F1 are amongst the list of the supported devices. In the coming days more smartphone manufacturers and devices will be added .

VoWiFi or WiFi Calling

How to enable WiFi Calling?

To enable the service, all you need to do is click the Settings menu and locate the network settings. Then you’ll need to enable VoLTE for your SIM card and connect to the right Wi-Fi network. That’s it. Eventually this will show the Voice over Wi-Fi option , and you will be able to make calls over your Wi-Fi networks.

As of now, this is all we know about Voice over Wi-Fi, and we can certainly expect the service to reach a wider audience in the coming days.

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