Recently Android has rolled out Android 11 for public beta testing. The platform has become so matured that it has been a while since android redesigned its user interface. In recent years we have witnessed the main focus for android is an optimization and tightening the security of the device to protect the user’s privacy and data.

android 11

Android is also known for its customization. Since it can be customized easily, many OEMs like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and Samsung redesigned and tweaked its user interface heavily for their particular OEMs. And talking of Ui, OnePlus has customized its UI Oxygen Os, so good that it is considered to be better than stock android.

Face Unlock

Some features of android released many android versions earlier. In later years it gained its popularity when android alternative iOS released it in its iPhone. One of the features was Face unlock. Android initially released Face Unlock feature on Android 5.0 Lollipop with the name Trusted Face. But it gained popularity when Apple first featured it on its iPhone X. Although Apple Face Unlock is a combination of hardware and software. Unlike android which only depends on the front camera which is less secure.

Dynamic Live Wallpaper

One of the features that released with Android 2.1 is a live wallpaper. But live wallpaper was always exciting for the new users of android. But due to its heavy battery consumption users generally switched to static wallpaper. Since last year many OEMs are providing stock live wallpaper with their high-end device which consumes less battery. And works or animates only when you unlock your device or return to your home screen. Earlier we have also seen the release of MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper of Earth and Mars.

Download Dynamic Live Wallpaper

And Today we have featured some of the Dynamic Live Wallpapers below. These wallpaper has been extracted and developed by Venkatesh of Module Magic download the apk file and apply it with Google wallpaper which is available in the play store. We have explained everything in the video above. Watch it in case you have any doubt.

Download Live Wallpaper Apk

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