While it’s true that gaming laptops are becoming more and more portable. The more powerful they get, the further away from portable they become. Thus a lot of gamers still resort to either buying or building even more effective desktop replacements. Well, in 2020, Dell might have the ultimate solution with its concept PC. At CES 2020 Dell showcased Alienware UFO, a portable gaming PC concept, to compete with Nintendo Switch.

alienware ufo

Overview | Dell Alienware UFO

Alienware UFO is an 8-inch tablet PC with controller accessories. And it can dock a TV to use as a typical gaming console. What’s interesting is that this device is just a PC it’s running Windows, though with a custom game launcher. It also reminds me of the Nvidia shield tablet, which is a device that they were trying to pitch as very gaming-oriented in a portable way to play everything on the go. Dell isn’t talking about what’s powering the UFO concept indeed. Because that could change down the line when it will be made available for the masses.

Handheld gaming pc

You can instantly launch games via this particular game launcher And as The Verge points out, it can power up the game via Steam if that’s where the title lives. It means that you may check out Steam and install any of your favourite games to play on the move. The publications were able to examine titles such as Rocket League and Mortal Kombat 11 with the gameplay “smooth and lag-free.”

Dell Alienware UFO

Alienware Concept UFO is pocketable but slightly bulkier than the Nintendo Switch. As I mentioned earlier, the company didn’t reveal any specifications regarding this handheld gaming pc yet. It is only a prototype device as of now, therefore it will be interesting to see if Alienware may bring this alive later in 2020 to split up space for itself next to the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: GadgetMatch, The Verge

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