Mediatek has come a long way to exchanging a perception of their chips. What they have lacked though is a proper flagship offering. Well enter the Dimensity 1000, so how good is this new flagship chip from MediaTek ? And how does it compare with Qualcomm snapdragon 865? Well, let’s find out. What makes Mediatek Dimensity 1000 so special? well, it makes MediaTek return to making flagship chips again. The last attempted the Helio x-series did not go too well. But with the new 5G powered Dimensity series Mediatek is looking to make a comeback

5G War Between Mediatek Dimensity 1000 and Snapdragon 865

When it comes to 5G Mediatek and Qualcomm’ve chosen two very different methods of implementing it on their flagship Chips. Now the Dimensity 1000 comes with an integrated 5G modem, Well the X 55 5G modem. And for the Snapdragon 865, it’s an add-on unit so what’s the difference and why does that even matter. Well, the difference here is that the integrated modems consume less battery. And in fact, Mediatek claims that their new modem here the design that they’re using rather it consumes 49% less power than the competition. Qualcomm on the other hand they say they went with a separate approach who would want you to give manufacturers an option 5G.

As we all know 5G isn’t available everywhere so Qualcomm is saying if a brand wants to sell an 865 phone in a market where there is no 5G or very little 5G adoption they can choose to sell a 4G version of Snapdragon 865 phone they can save some money but not going with a 5G modem that can make sense right.

Pros & Cons Of 5G Approach

So pros and cons for both Dimensity 1000 & Snapdragon 865 now moving on there is another important aspect of 5g and that’s compatibility. There are two main types of 5g technology being rolled out each again has its own set of pros and cons. First, we have a millimeter-wave that can support high-speed internet. But the range is weak and it can easily get blocked by any obstacles in its path. The second tech is some six 6 Gigahertz, The speeds here are lower comparatively but the signal strength it’s better. It’s kind of like the choice we have to make between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi band.

So the X-Factor have a modem on the Snapdragon 865 it supports both millimeter-wave and sub 6 gigahertz. And this is why the theoretical speeds on it are way higher around 7.5 gigabits per second for down and 3 Gbps for up the Dimensity 1000, it doesn’t support a millimeter-wave so in a market like the United States where millimeter wave s the 5G tech being adopted, Phones with the Dimensity 1000 chip they still will not get 5g now that said millimeter wave is pretty expensive and problematic so in most markets sub 6 gigahertz adoption might end up being higher. So the diamond city 1000 you know it’s gonna be enough.

Specs & Performance

Now let’s talk about performance Of Snapdragon 865 and Dimensity 1000. Both these chips are pretty similar when we talk about the specs inside; they both have four high-powered Cortex A-77 coupled with Four power-efficient Cortex A-55 cores. The combinations are very different; it’s pretty straightforward with a Dimensity 1000. Whereas the Snapdragon 865 has Cortex A-77 and Cortex A-55 cores but they are Kryo Cores they’re customized versions of the A-77 and A-55. So here we get one higher clock A-77 based on Kryo 585 Gold and three lower clock A-77 based on Kryo 585 gold and four power-efficient Kryo 585 Silver’s based on the A-55.

Snapdragon 865 vs Dimensity 1000 Specs and Performance

On comparing the clock speeds MediaTek has the higher clock speeds on seven out of the eight cores. But despite that the Geekbench scores seem to indicate that the 865 it’s gonna be more powerful overall. Even with a compound benchmark like Antutu the Dimensity 1000 as of now, it holds the crown it has the highest score. But we’ve already seen even phones with Snapdragon 855 Plus comes pretty close to the 500k mark.


Qualcomm claims the new 865 chip is going to be 25% better with regards to performance when compared to the last-gen Snapdragon 855. So the 865 should top in compound benchmarks too. Talking about compound benchmarks let’s talk GPU. MediaTek Mali GPUs have always seemed to be behind the Adreno counterparts and that doesn’t seem to change this time either. But the difference here might not mean much to the end consumer. Mediatek has shown that the Mali G-77 NP9 is about 11%-15% faster than the Adreno 640 which is on the Snapdragon 855 chip that is with regards to certain benchmarks. Given that the current generation 855 can handle pretty much any game with ease. I guess that Dimensity 1000 shouldn’t have any trouble with games.


By the way, Dimensity 1000 has support for 120 Hertz refresh rate panels at Full HD plus. And 90 Hertz panels at quad HD plus resolutions. Now the 865 is most definitely ahead for example it has support for up to 144 Hertz refresh rates and that’s what quad HD plus panels. The Adreno 650 is said to be 25 percent more powerful than the Adreno 640 so it should easily outperform the Mali GPU on the Dimensity 1000.

Qualcomm has a few more tricks up their sleeves. When it comes to the new GPUs all their chips can now receive graphic driver updates directly from the Play Store. They claim that the Adreno 650 is not just more powerful, it also has 35% lower power consumption than the 640. We also get Adreno HDR fast blend which should help make HDR gameplay a lot smoother.


Now when it comes to AI the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip is quite far ahead in terms of operations per minute. But the Dimensity 1000 with its 4.5 trillion AI computations a minute it isn’t doing too bad for itself.

ISP’s – Image Processing

The ISPs our image signal processors now this is something Mediatek is proud of. Since they have new 5 core isp that can do nearly everything that the current-gen Snapdragon 855 can. We have support for cameras up to 80 megapixels not just that we also have support for 4k 60fps video recording with HDR video, noise reduction. Not to mention portrait mode for videos is also supported. So it’s a pretty big leap in terms of what cameras can do. And it puts it on par with this year’s now Snapdragon 855. Having said that the 865 here’s pushing the envelope it can capture 8k at 30 FPS and 4k at 120 fps. And a couple of seconds of limitations 960 fps that should no longer be an issue adding to all of this. We also have support up to 200 megapixels when it comes to cameras.

Value For Money Proposition

But there is one area where MediaTek always dominates and that is with the price. Price to performance now if the Dimensity 1000 is priced as aggressively as other MediaTek offerings then we might start seeing it on premium mid-range phones. And that would make it interesting think about it as a mid-range phone or a premium range phone with 4k 60fps or whether 120 Hertz refresh rate. Display that would be awesome right there already gonna be seeing 120 Hertz on mid-ranges like Redmi k30. And all that now this is just gonna make it even more common if this chip starts getting adopted.


Anyway summing it all Qualcomm seems to have the lead over all the Snapdragon 865 seems to be a beast of a chip. It’s it seems to be the more powerful chip here on paper at least. The Dimensity 1000 though MediaTek seems to have a chip that feels to be a little above the snapdragon 855 on paper at least. At worst it should be at least on par with the 855.

So what do you think would you be interested in buying a flagship or a flagship killer with MediaTek flagship chip inside? What are your thoughts let me know in the comments below and Also Check This one here

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