One of the most awaited features of Android 10 is system-wide dark mode and it is finally here. Most of the Google Native apps like Google Photos, Google Maps and Google Chrome came with dark mode built in, but few apps were left behind namely Google Play Store & Gmail, but few days back Gmail got the dark mode and today it is rolling out for Play Store.

Dark Mode on Play Store

According to XDA-developers, dark mode on the Play Store appeared on a Google very own Pixel 2 XL which is running on Android 10 with the Play Store Version 16.6.25, according to the report very few devices got this new play store version and XDA-developers clarifies that this is the official dark mode of Play Store that we will be getting on the device that will run on Android 10. Now let’s check some snapshot provided by the XDA-developers earlier.

Screenshot By XDA-developers

Dark Mode on Gmail

Now coming to the Gmail App on Android 10, Google has started rolling the native dark mode. According to 9to5Google, this option for dark mode has started to show up for some users, it was reported that Gmail App Version 2019.08.18267044774 which is currently available on Play Store showing up the option for dark mode, however you still might not get this feature as of now because it is a server-side update. Like the other native Google apps, there are three options in the UI of New Gmail settings menu, Light, Dark and System Default. We are pretty excited to experience this dark mode on our devices, Are you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Screenshot by 9to5Google

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