64 Megapixel camera is now a reality on smartphones ! Realme XT is ready to get launched the first 64 MP camera Phone, Realme has beaten Xiaomi by revealing 64 megapixel camera phone before the launch of Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme XT packs with the Samsung ISO CELL Bright GW1 64 MP Sensor and it has to be largest camera sensor out there, It is 1/1.72″ sensor compare to this Sony IMX586 is 48 MP 1/2″ sensor  while older sensors like the one on Google Pixel 3XL i.e. Sony IMX363 is 12 MP 1/2.55″ sensors are small in size, So this is a large sensor and that theoretically means it should capture in lot more light,

Apart from that this is very similar  to the ISO CELL GM1 48 MP Sensors and other 48 MP sensors, It has size of  0.8μ and thanks to Samsung tetra cell technology which use 4 in 1 pixel binning, which captures 16 Megapixel photos with large pixel size of 1.6μ  So all of these should result in much better photo taken in good light and low light, now checkout some photos,

Here a 16MP photo And 64MP photo side by side taken on Realme XT here you can see that the 64 megapixel photo has a lot more details and crisp, It’s a clear difference.

Here is another shot side by side and let’s  zoom in all the way and again you can see that while the colors of both the shots are similar but the details are just way better on 64 megapixel photo. The 64 Megapixel just captures in a lot more detail and it’s not surprising. I mean the photos that are taken is 15 MB to 20 MB in size you can zoom in on them a lot more on the phone and they take a bit more time to load.

Now I did another test, that I’m pretty much sure you are thinking about, the 64 MP versus 48 MP, So here are 64 MP photo from Realme XT and 48 MP from Realme 5 Pro Side by Side, Well 64 MP photo blows the 48 MP photo out of the water. So the new 64 Megapixel photos is more advanced. But let’s face it,  in day to day life you will end up taking 16 MP photos from XT and Redmi Note 8 Pro as we used to take 12 MP shots in Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro though it has a 48 MP sensors. So here is a side by side photos of 12 MP and 16 MP camera, So as you can see from the image below that’s not a huge difference in Realme 5 Pro 12 MP and Realme XT 16 MP photo, both capture great shots and pretty similar photos some shots from Realme XT are bit sharper but not a huge difference.

So 64 MP camera in Realme XT and Redmi Note 8 Pro will make a difference in smartphone camera game, but if you wish to take 16 MP shots from a 64 MP sensor, it won’t make much difference from 12 MP shots From 48 MP sensors. Things to be considered that more megapixels  doesn’t mean better photos. Google Pixel 3XL Still take the best photo till date though it has a much older Sony IMX363 12 MP 1/2.55″ sensor. So I don’t consider that 64 MP Camera is worth the hype. What do you think lets us know in the comment section below.


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