If you think about it the Sub INR 20000 price segment, It has to be the most intense the most competitive smartphone market right now, the phones launching every other month and there are just so many brands out there, there’s Realme, Redmi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Honor and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more. So which phone do you buy under 20,000 INR? Now that’s a question we are going to answer today and we are going to divide this into different segments like the Best Camera Phone Under 20K INR , The best gaming phone And End up obviously the best overall phone Under twenty thousand price.


Okay so starting off high-end gaming and performance is a priority for a lot of people and if you’re someone like that you need a phone that has a high end processor with enough RAM and storage, Well under INR 20,000 the Poco f1 remains the king when it comes to gaming and performance I mean if you compare the benchmark scores of the snapdragon 845 against other chipsets in this price range like the Snapdragon 712 or the Snapdragon 675 You can see the results below

Benchmark score of  poco f1 vs relme 5 pro vs redmi 5 pro

That they’re just no match to the Snapdragon 845 and it’s more powerful and flagship Adreno 630 GPU now it’s not just benchmarks even the gaming performance on the poco f1 is better than the Newly Launched Realme 5 Pro and the Redmi Note 7 pro We tested the frame rates on these phones and the results the poco f1 Snapdragon 845 has higher and more consistent Freme rates, look the poco f1 has its problems it has huge notch that kind of looks outdated and design that doesn’t look very premium but if you want the ultimate performance under ₹20,000 Poco F1 is the phone to buy.


Okay so moving on to the next segment the best camera phone under 20,000 rupees which again is pretty confusing the phones with triple cameras, quad cameras, dual cameras and a lot of fancy features and stuff so which phone do you buy for the best camera performance the most complete camera performance under 20,000 rupees well it was quite a close call between the Mi A3, the Realme 5 pro and the POCO F1, Yeah check out these comparison Shots below.

mi a3 vs poco f1 vs realme 5 pro camera comparison

Day Time Shots

See in daytime the Mi A3 captures the most natural photos out of the three phone where Poco F1 and realme 5 pro photos are good too but they are a bit oversaturated. Sometimes the Poco F1 captures a better detailed photo but mostly the Mi A3 captures the better photo with better HDR and slightly better detail.

Low light Shots

In low-light the competition is closer I mean some photos from all of these phones look really similar as you can see from the image below

mi a3 vs poco f1 vs realme 5 pro camera comparison in low light

But you can see in some photos that the Mi A3 edges ahead with better sharpness and details, Look honestly it’s not a huge difference but Mi A3 just seems a little better to me and there’s one more reason why I think the Mi A3 wins it and that’s the ultra wide-angle lens. Yeah the Poco F1 can’t take wide-angle shots and while the realme 5 pro and Mi A3 both captured decent wide-angle shots I’m inclined towards the Mi A3 because of its better primary camera performance so yeah while the Mi A3 is not perfect there’s a 720p AMOLED display and Snapdragon 665 isn’t necessarily the most powerful chipset in this price range but if the cameras are what you need the Mi A3 is the one to buy.

Well If you install Google Camera as it come with camera2api enabled it will make a whole lot of difference in the image quality.

Should you buy it ?

The best overall smartphone under 20,000 rupees now this is for people who want to buy a smartphone now like right now in the next few days so say if you have a budget around 17 to 18 thousand rupees, you have options like the Redmi Note 7 pro the realme X, the Poco f1 the Realme 5pro. So which one should you buy ?

Well I take the Poco F1 any day I mean just ask yourself which phone would you choose ? I’m sure the majority of you thought Poco F1, The Poco F1 is still the phone to beat because the price is just so good. Yes the design isn’t that great it has this huge Notch as I mentioned earlier but it is way more powerful, the cameras are great MIUI On Poco has no ads, It has feature like IR Face Unlock and Stereo speakers that are pretty much unheard in this price range and it has a big enough battery with fast charging and fast charger in the box, it’s still an amazing deal and if you’re wondering, Yes buy the Poco F1 in 2019 It makes a lot of sense now.


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