Microsoft announced the Edge browser back in 2015. But in December 2018, Microsoft decided to forego its native browser further development. Replacing it in favor of a browser-based on Chromium code base. And after more than a year of development, Microsoft finally starts rolling the Chromium-based Edge browser from Yesterday, January 15, 2020.

Chromium Based Edge Browser

If you’re using Windows 10, you will receive an OTA update for this Chromium Based Edge Browser in the coming weeks. Well If you can’t wait, you can download and install a stable version from here right way. And use it on your windows and mac.

Edge syncs device-wide passwords, preferences, and settings, while Bing lets you earn rewards just by searching. The updated Edge integrates sets, as well as a comprehensive set of learning and usability resources. There is also a baked-in Internet Explorer mode. Just in case you need to access an old website that needs that.

Chromium Based Edge Browser

Why Microsoft developed a browser-based on Chromium?

Over the years, Google and Microsoft have had some pretty public spats that led to ecosystem wars, and both companies ‘ customers got impacted. Windows Phone users were briefly cut off from Google Maps. A heated fight waged over a Windows Phone, YouTube app. And Google shocked Microsoft by cutting off Windows Phone’s Exchange Active-sync support from Gmail. All of these events, combined with Google’s reluctance to build Windows apps, have weakened Microsoft’s mobile attempts to compete with Android.

YouTube developers have cracked a hidden plot to kill off Internet Explorer 6 about ten years ago. And, more recently, YouTube hasn’t performed well in non-Chrome browsers like Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Considering this past, some fear that Google might use its many web properties and services, which forced Microsoft to move to Chromium.

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