Microsoft had a lot to show off with the large Microsoft Surface Event 2019 conference on October 2. Along with the release of 10 fresh products, the firm also made a number of other significant announcements. At present, Microsoft products have created a lot of enthusiasm.

Surface Duo|Microsoft Surface Event 2019

The Microsoft Surface Duo is by far the most surprising item in the entire launch portfolio. It’s a dual-screen smartphone running Android. This is a lighter version of the Surface Neo tablet (more on that later) with mobile capabilities. It has two 5.6-inch screens linked to a 360-degree hinge.

While the phone is running Android, it’s been vastly customized to look more like Windows 10X. It’s powered by Snapdragon 855, but other characteristics are unknown. This device will not be marketed to the public until the 2020 holiday season.

Surface Neo|Microsoft Surface Event 2019

Next up in the Microsoft surface event 2019 lineup is the Microsoft Surface Neo tablet, which utilizes the same strategy as the Surface Duo. This one runs Windows 10X, weighs just 1.44lbs, and runs the 11th Intel Lakefield processor. Like the Duo, this device will not be available until Holiday 2020 and even fewer details will be given by Microsoft.

There will be an optional keyboard that can flip over the screen for more traditional typing. The screen changes the contents depending on where you put the keyboard. If the keyboard moves to the top, the bottom of the region is a trackpad. The top region behaves like the Apple Touch Bar if the keyboard is shifted down.

Surface Pro 7 & Surface Pro X

Now let’s get into some of the machines we’re going to see this year. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an upgrade to Microsoft’s main 2-in-1 line of products. Features 12.3-inch screen, 10th generation Intel processors, up to 16 GB of RAM, and USB Type-C ports. It also has an optional cover for both the keyboard and the Surface pen. The Surface Pro 7 starts at $749 and arrives on October 22nd.

Surface Pro X is the ARM version of Surface Pro 7. It has a 13-inch display, weighs just 1.69lbs, features USB Type-C, fast charging, and LTE connectivity. Powered by a custom variant of Qualcomm’s 8cx Snapdragon processor, the Surface Pro X will go on sale on November 5th for $999.

Surface Laptop 3

There are now two screen sizes available for the Microsoft Surface Laptop: the classic 13.5-inch display and the recent 15-inch display. Powering the 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3 is a 10th generation Intel Ice Lake processor. The 15-inch model has two AMD Ryzen “Surface Edition” chips.

The Surface Laptop 3 features a removable hard drive, a 20 percent larger trackpad, and a USB Type-C. Price starts at $999 and $1,199 for the aforementioned versions, on sale on October 22nd.

Microsoft SQ1 & Ryzen Surface Edition Chips

Speaking of processors, Qualcomm and Microsoft developed the Surface Pro X chip. It’s called Microsoft’s SQ1. This 7 nm chip has 8 cores and has been intended for the Surface Pro. It promotes always-on, always-connected mobility, enhanced multitasking effectiveness, high-quality 4 K video, long battery life, and gigabit-class LTE connectivity. Microsoft has also provided a 3GHz Kryo CPU. GPU performance clocks at 2.1 teraflops.

On the Surface Laptop side, Microsoft has been collaborating with AMD to create the Ryzen Surface Edition chip. It’s designed to work at 15 watts and can be scaled up to 20-25 watts. As such, the performance is almost on par with the Xbox One at 1.2teraflops.

Surface Earbuds

Of course, Microsoft now has some true wireless earbuds. Microsoft Surface Earbuds are fitted with large, flat touchpads for a few gestures. You can even flip through PowerPoint slides with your earbuds gestures. Microsoft has indicated that it is promising 24 hours of battery life in tandem with the charging case. The fit is not deep in the ear as it enables some ambient noise to be filtered in. They’re going to be retailing $249 later this year.

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