In CES 2020 at Las Vegas OnePlus finally unveiled its first concept phone, The OnePlus Concept One – The Invisible Camera smartphone. For the last couple of days, there was lots of hyped and curiosity around this phone. And today the company showcased its first invisible camera concept phone.

The OnePlus Concept One is the first smartphone in the world to incorporate color-shifting glass technology (electrochromic glass technology). It ensures that the camera glass will change transparency within just 0.7 seconds. And become hidden when you don’t use it, making the device look cleaner.

Specs and Feature | OnePlus Concept One

The Specs Of the Phone is the same as the OnePlus 7T Pro. The only change is the rear invisible camera technology. The OnePlus Concept One is another phone which has been designed in collaboration with McLaren. It has the Orange Papaya leather stitched on the back in typical race track style which makes the device look premium.
With not only the design and the color OnePlus also inspired From Mclaren’s sunroof on the 720S Spider luxury sports car to bring its color-shifting Invisible Camera concept at the rear.

Speaking of the color-shifting glass technology, which is the key feature of the OnePlus Concept One. It uses organic particles to create transparency changes so that the glass covering the camera lenses can shift colors from opaque black to transparent almost instantly.

How does this technology work?

As I mentioned earlier the OnePlus concept one features an electrochromic glass technology. And this solution features two layers of glass with the electrochromic material in between. There’s also indium tin oxide on both the glass panels to make them conductive. Since the glass is conductive now it can use the current from the phone to change the tint on the glass. Or it can make things darker or lighter depending on when you’re using the camera.

Conscep One Ivisible Camera Technology

Respond as the vanishing camera to this cool new camera technology. It could soon turn into some kind of party trick for users of OnePlus. In case you’re a photographer, when you hear the camera glass might also be semi-transparent, your ears will perk up.

In the ‘ Pro mode ‘ of the Concept One camera app, there is also a dedicated ND8 filter toggle. Which will help you to capture photos even in brightly-lit conditions.

OnePlus Concept One Event

OnePlus co-founder and CEO, Pete Lau, stated on the launch of the Concept One that

The invisible camera stands as a new form of camera design, one that spares the user from the compromises of current camera layouts. The rear camera lenses are hidden by the dynamic electrochromic glass and only become visible when the camera is in use. This optimal solution is what OnePlus calls Electronic CMF – a new approach in industrial design.

Whether the OnePlus Concept One remains a concept or the company decides to produce a limited quantity for mass distribution. It would be relevant now. We also expect this glass-shifting camera tech to find its way into upcoming OnePlus phones. Probably the OnePlus 8 lineup that will arrive in the coming few months.

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