On August 22, 2018, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Poco bought a storm in the smartphone market by debuting with its first device Pocophone F1. Poco F1 was the cheapest smartphone in the market to feature Snapdragon 845. But in the year 2019 Poco didn’t bring any smartphone including Poco F2, the successor of Poco F1. Poco F2 is the most awaited phone till now.

Official Announcement | Poco F2

After more than a year of inactivity, Xiaomi may be preparing to launch a new device under the Poco brand next year. The announcement was made by the GM of Xiaomi Indonesia and the president of Pocophone Global, Alvin Tse, who just hinted that the company could be resurrected in 2020. For the time being, there is no further detail on the topic. But you can take a look at his tweet for yourself to make up your mind about what it means.

Why Poco F2 Got Delayed?

Earlier this year strong rumors were suggesting that the Redmi K20 series will be rebranded and to be launched as Poco F2. But as we all know that didn’t happen. After the launch of Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, Poco brand’s operational head Jai Mani resigned from the company.

Jai Mani’s resigned at a time when the global tech media was already speculating about the brand’s future and was seen as more proof that Xiaomi would deprecate it in favor of existing line-ups. In July, an IDC analyst reported, adding more fuel to the fire, that the company could plan to scrap the value brand for good.

Poco F2

Poco is Live and Operating

Xiaomi denied the rumor of dissolving its sub-brand. After the resignation of Jai Mani, the company stated ET telling

For Poco, nothing changes because of an executive leaving and work will go on as planned (on future Poco products)”

But didn’t reveal anything about Poco F2, or any upcoming device under the brand Poco.

Throughout the year Xiaomi remained silent regarding Poco. People and many media houses asked many times on their social handles or in the interview about Poco F2. But either they ignored the question or remained silent telling the world that Poco Brand is live and operating.

Redmi K30


After the tweet from the Poco Global Head, Alvin Tse. We would expect that the company is working on a newer device that will be launched in 2020. It will be interesting to see whether they bring the successor of Poco F1 or there will be a new device altogether. Redmi K30 also launched this month. And the K30 Pro variant is yet to be announced whether it will be a rebranded version of K30 Pro? We have to wait until the company reveals any more updates regarding Poco.

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