Indian intelligence agencies have asked the government to block or advise people to stop using 52 Chinese mobile apps. Which is available in PlayStore and Apple App Store. As the border tensions between New Delhi and Beijing begin to intensify with the recent confrontation at Ladakh. Now the question is How we could replace all chinese app with non-chinese alternative. The red-flagged applications include the TikTok short-video app, and other utility and content applications such as the UC Browser, Xender, SHAREit, and Clean-master.

 All 52 Chinese App list
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How To Replace All Chinese Apps?

Now simply uninstalling these apps is not an easy task for many users. As many Chinese apps in this list are the daily habit or go to entertainment during this lockdown period for many users. So before we uninstall these apps we must find the proper replacement. But it’s a hefty task to find a proper replacement for every Chinese app in your device. But there is an app that will fix these problems. Digging up the app we found that this app is developed and designed by 3nions which is an app development studio based in India.

Replace All Chinese App

Replace With Best Non-Chinese Alternative

This app is designed in such a way that when you install it on your phone. It detects all your apps that are based or related to china. Then it gives an option to replace all chinese apps. By tap on replacing it simply provides you with the list of Non-Chinese apps for that particular app . It is a simple and easy process to replace all your Chinese apps whether it is in the red-flagged list or not. The name of the app is Bleave by 3nions, it is available in the Google PlayStore.

Fix The Privacy By Replacing Apps

Fix The Privacy By Replacing Apps

Now by removing the red-flagged apps from your device it won’t solve the problem to secure your privacy it will surely satisfy the Anti-Chinese sentiments. But there will always be the question of privacy or securing your data. When it comes to android there are tons of apps we install in your device that ask un-necessary permission without allowing that permission. The app doesn’t let us use them. To fix that I have an app called Exodus Privacy which shows you which app requires or accesses what permission. In this way, you could uninstall if you think any app taking un-necessary permission.

Download Link For Above Mentioned Apps

  • Bleave – Better Apps For Android Developed by 3nions – DOWNLOAD
  • Exodus Privacy – For Checking UN-Necessary Permission – DOWNLOAD

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