The official invites for the Apple iPhone 2019 events have now gone out and with just over a week left for the announcement, We already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the leaks and rumors.

Apple iPhone 2019 Event

Rumors And Leaks

Let’s break down all of the most recent leaks and rumors, So first up it does look like that we’re gonna have three new iPhone’s again this year like we had last year, A successor to all of the three models so a successor to the iPhone 10r,  the 10s as well as the 10s max, what these are gonna be called is still a bit of a question mark some rumors were saying that we’re gonna be seeing an iPhone 11r,  An iPhone 11s, As well as an iPhone 11 max.

But recently it looks like we might have a slightly different naming convention with the word ‘Pro’ in here as well, so we’d have it the iPhone 10r successor called the iPhone 11 and then we’d have the iPhone 11Pro as well as the iPhone 11 Pro max which is definitely a mouthful now we’re still not sure what these are gonna be called exactly, this is gonna be revealed next week but we do know that there’s gonna be three models.

2019 Apple iPhone

Now what are these new Apple iPhone’s  gonna look like? Well it seems like from the front at least they’re gonna look very similar to what we’ve had in previous years. We will have that notch, The bezels might be slightly smaller but we’re gonna see an LCD display for the iPhone 10r successor, this is gonna be around 6.1 inch in size then for the iPhone 10s successor we’re expecting at the same 5.8 inch display this is gonna be OLED and the max version is gonna have a 6.5 inch OLED display as well, 

Apple iPhone colors

The back of  the devices however is gonna be looking a little bit different and that is because of the square camera module this is something that has been rumored and leaked since January now and it looks like it’s all but confirmed the camera module may just be a black square or it might be color coded to match the back of the new devices and For the max version at least we’re gonna have three different cameras a primary, a telephoto like we’ve seen in previous years but this time also an ultra wide this is something that I’ve been waiting for a long time it’s something that we’ve seen on many other smartphones this year especially and I’m really excited to see what Apple will do with this, Apple is very consistent when it comes to their cameras.

The triple camera setup is also likely to be on the iPhone 10’s successor but some rumors are suggesting that this is only going to be reserved for the max version which would be quite disappointing I didn’t think that this would have the same camera module like we’ve had in previous years between the regular as well as the max version but the iPhone 10r successor is gonna have two cameras so we had one last year this year there’s likely to be two one is going to be a primary camera the other is gonna be the telephoto that’s  what rumors are suggesting right now and this is of course gonna be lots of software improvements to the cameras and also likely to see a bump up for the front-facing camera from 7 to 12 megapixels, One area that the iPhones have generally struggled in previous years is when it comes to low light and the competition has gone ahead with lots of different night modes this is something that we’re likely to see on the new Apple iPhones, A dedicated night mode which should give you much better low-light images.

Apple iPhone Camera

For the colors it looks like the pro iPhone’s are at least will have similar colors to what we’ve got last year, However on the 10r successor we are likely to see some pastel colors like we’ve seen on the invites so this will be a little bit different to what we’ve seen last year and we should have a range of at least 5 different colors.

Internally we are of course going to be having the Apple A-13 chip this is gonna be super fast, The a12 is already very very fast as it is so the a13 is just gonna be improving on that and we’re gonna be finding out exactly how much faster compared to previous years. 
The new iPhone’s are gonna be coming with iOS 13,  iOS 13 beta is already on a few of the current iPhone’s but it is going to be coming out of the box for these new iPhone’s and we should also be seeing some improvements to face ID. Now there was some rumors that were pointing towards Apple going for USB type-c on the new iPhone’s like we’ve got the iPad pros but it looks like Apple will still be sticking to a lightning port however that we should be getting a fast charger out of the box finally and also gonna be coming with wireless charging like we’ve had last year but some rumors are saying that we might also be getting reverse wireless charging so this is something that we’ve seen on some Huawei and Samsung devices in the past and it is quite useful especially to charge accessories and things and considering that the the new air pods do have wireless charging enabled this will be really useful to not have to carry around. and we’ve also had some rumors  the iPhone’s may be supporting an Apple pencil now not the full size Apple pencil that’s used on iPad’s that would be kind of weird but there might be a smaller Apple pencil that will be compatible with these iPhone’s.

Now the 10th of September is gonna be the official announcement everything that we know about the new iPhone’s so far, we are just a week away to the official announcement. Will you upgrade your iPhone with 2019 iPhone’s ? Let us know in the comment section below. Also check what Android 10 bringing this year.

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