The wait is over Android 10 is officially here well for  pixel users anyway, the newest version of Android is starting to roll out this afternoon bringing features like a system-wide dark mode an overhaul gesture navigation to Google’s flagship line of phones,

Developers have been able to play with the beta since March 2019, when the operating system was still called Android Q, Last month the company announced that it was discontinue dessert based names in favor of a straight number system, since the foods chosen weren’t always well known and could lead to pronunciation problems in some countries so no “Android Quince” instead it’s called Android 10.

Highlights Of Android 10

A few of its biggest improvements are focused on digital wellness for example if you want to lessen distractions when trying to work a new focus mode can shut off alerts and notifications while letting important things like messages from your kids still get through and you can  remotely manage your kids phone usage – setting time limits and reviewing app requests on their device from your own, 

android 10  features

Android 10 will also feature live captioning videos eventually, it was one of the more impressive demos at Google I/O back in May 2019 but it won’t actually be available until later this fall and their support for foldable phones like the upcoming Galaxy fold though will have to wait at least a few weeks and probably quite a bit more before we can see what’s been improved there, right now though it’s only pixel phones that will benefit from the update but users of  other company’s devices need not despair we should see announcements from rivals like Samsung, Sony and Lenovo on Android 10 availability soon especially when Google started it’s working with partners to launch or upgrade devices to enter android 10 this year.Which one is your favorite feature lets us know in the comment section below.


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