Xiaomi, the Chinese smart device producer, reported about conveying at least ten 5G smartphones in 2020. One of the principal explanations for this is companies fear that individuals won’t search for 4G devices with the presentation of 5G smartphones this year.

Xiaomi 5G Smartphones 2020

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, declared about making a greater amount of 5G smartphones one year from now at the World Internet Conference held in Eastern China in Wuzhen.

Lei Jun at the event expressed,

People in the industry fear that next year 4G models won’t sell, this is a step you have no choice but to take. So, we hope that operators can speed up their expansion of 5G base stations

Overview Of Xiaomi 5G Smartphones

The earlier month the company had launched the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, which is limited to the Chinese market only. With the declaration, the CEO likewise expressed that the company would actualize the 5G range to its high, middle, and low-end gadgets one year from now with all the more alluring products to the users without concerning their budget.

Currently, Xiaomi launched three 5G Smartphones this year. One of it is Mi Mix Alpha, which does not yet get available for masses and will be made available later this year for a limited number of units.

With the U.S.- China trade war striking at Huawei. Chinese customers are depending on the embattled company’s items to support it, driven by a feeling of patriotism, as per Reuters. Because of the move to Huawei, Xiaomi’s piece of the pie in China has reduced to 11.8-percent in the second quarter from 13.9-percent the year before. In addition to the side, Xiaomi just recently got in the Europe market and has seen its piece of the overall industry arrive at 9.6-percent in the second quarter, up from 6.5-percent the previous year.


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